Best Study Material for CS Foundation Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing for the CS Foundation Exam requires a strategic approach, including the selection of the best study materials. The right resources can make a significant difference in your understanding of the syllabus and your performance in the exam. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the best study materials for the CS Foundation Exam, helping you to streamline your preparation process and maximize your chances of success.

Understanding the CS Foundation Exam

The CS Foundation Exam, conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), is the first level of the Company Secretary Course. It covers four subjects: Business Environment and Law, Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship, Business Economics, and Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing. Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus is crucial before diving into the study materials.

Best Study Materials for CS Foundation Exam

Here are some of the best study materials that can help you prepare effectively for the CS Foundation Exam:

  • ICSI Study Material: The ICSI provides comprehensive study material for all subjects covered in the CS Foundation Exam. These materials are updated regularly to reflect changes in the syllabus and are available for free on the ICSI website.
  • Scanner Books: Scanner books provide a compilation of previous years’ question papers, which can be very helpful for understanding the exam pattern and the type of questions asked.
  • Reference Books: There are several reference books available in the market authored by experts in the field. Some popular ones include ‘Company Secretaries Foundation Course’ by N.S. Zad and ‘Solved Scanner CS Foundation Programme’ by Dr. Arun Kumar and CA. Raj K Agrawal.

Online Resources

In addition to books, there are several online resources that can aid your preparation:

  • Online Coaching: Many platforms offer online coaching for the CS Foundation Exam. These platforms provide video lectures, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • E-books: E-books are a convenient and portable option. They are available on various platforms and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • YouTube Channels: Several YouTube channels provide free video lectures on different subjects of the CS Foundation Exam. These can be a great supplement to your study materials.


Choosing the right study material is a crucial step in your CS Foundation Exam preparation. It’s important to select resources that cover the entire syllabus comprehensively and provide practice questions for self-assessment. Remember, consistent study and regular revision are key to success in the exam.